What I Eat to Stay Healthy! Secrets Revealed

You must have guessed that –

Staying Healthy and Fit is not that difficult when you make it your daily routine.

Here’s what changes and diet I followed to reach my weight goals – Weight Loss Tips!

Basically all you need to do is Eat Clean and Healthy every day!

Here are a few things that consists of my daily –

1. Pintola All Natural Peanut Butter

One of the great foods you can start your day to stay healthy! Keeps you full, no bloating, have this with Roti or Brown Bread

2. HealthKart Fish oil softgels

These are some recommended Vitamin supplements to fulfil your vitamin needs of your body to stay healthy and energized!

3. Muesli

Your body needs the much needed Fibre and what better way to have this easy on stomach foods with some milk. You can add some fruits and almonds and nuts. And some honery.

4. Handful of Nuts/Almonds

Nuts and almonds are a good source of complex fibre and carbs which benefits your body in multiple ways. And a healthy who wants to stay fit should include a handful each day…

5. Nutri-Choice Hi-Fibre Biscuits

As you guessed it fibre is a must have in your diet and keeping them handy when you have craving is all you would need. Keep them always your side and you found it benefial in multiple ways on your journey to Stay Healthy…

Benefits of Regular Exercise with 5 Proven Tips [Two Bonus Tips included]

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6.Boiled Eggs

Egg whites are good source of cheap protein if you do not want to go for Protein powder. Have at least 3-6 and increase as your workouts increase…

7. Paneer (80gms)

Paneer / Chicken based on your liking. I would say go with Paneer and mix it up once in a while with Chicken if you are bored. Always feel free to mix your servings and foods you eat…

8. Multi-Vitamins

These are some recommended Vitamin supplements to fulfill your vitamin needs of your body to stay healthy and energized! Much recommended…

Daily Exercising

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